Welcome to Python Northwest

Are you a Python developer or enthusiast? Are you based in or passing through the North-West of England? If so, then Python Northwest is for you!

Python Northwest is a Python user group for Pythoneers and Pythonistas of all levels and ages. We meet at 7pm on the third Thursday of the month at Spaceport X in Manchester, and each month we alternate between talks sessions and coding sessions.

This month!

For our meetup on Thursday 18th December:

  • Discussion: Devops with Python! We'll be talking about deployment and management tools like Salt, Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, and continuous integration for Python using Jenkins, Travis CI, etc.

/!\ Note, we are still meeting at the same place as last time, which used to be called TechHub but has now re-branded to SpaceportX.

The dates of our other upcoming meetings are listed here:

There are also several other ways to stay informed about the group:

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icon-twitter.png @PythonNW - follow our twitter feed for news and other updates
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icon-irc.png #pythonnw - join our IRC chatroom on freenode.org
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